Tractor Mounted Sprayers

The outstanding quality of the new tractor mounted sprayers from Lochmann Plantatec is the result of over fifty years of practical experience, the application of state-of-the-art technologies, the use of high-quality materials and a strict quality control during the manufacturing process.

Both the robust construction, which is in line with the strictest quality standards, and the clever modular design provide the user with a wide range of different sprayers adapted to all areas of fruit production and viticulture. The compact construction and the consequent limited overall dimensions allow the sprayers to be used in confined spaces.


The sprayer can be fitted with electric controls which open and close the nozzles of fast switching electromagnetic valves. These brass valves meet the highest quality standards and function perfectly up to an operating pressure of 50 bar. They are long-lived and maintenance- free due to their simple construction. Pressure control is effected by means of a time-tested brass pressure regulator which is driven by a linear activator. The perfect insulation of all electrical components prevents the otherwise usual damages or contact problems caused by corrosion when working under extreme conditions. This control mechanism can be operated by means of a computer operated metering control, which provides an exact digital display of the tank contents.


All blower types have been designed using our state-of-the-art in-house test bench. The results of our tests show that both the speed and the volume of the air stream which hits the plant is equal everywhere: top and bottom, left and right. This uniform distribution of air has improved the application of liquids to the plants and substantially reduced drifting. This new rectangular distribution of air has considerably increased the efficiency of the blower: the force absorption has been halved, noise has been reduced, fuel consumption has been substantially reduced and the CO2 balance and the energy efficiency have been much improved. An orchard with row spacings of 3.2 meters and a tree height of 4.00 meters can now be treated effectively at a speed of 7.2 km/h and a force absorption of the blower system of less than 10 hp. The two speed gearbox with idling mode, together with the eight sickle-shaped fan blades enable the highest and the lowest air volumes in the ideal speed range of the tractor. The blower frame has been hot dip galvanized and is therefore ideally protected against corrosion.

Agitator and Tank

The tube-shaped tank contains a low pressure agitator. This guarantees a perfectly mixed spray mixture, even with low pressure and a high chemical content. The low pressure agitator, the very smooth inner surface and the well-designed shape of the tank prevent chemical residue in the tank. These properties facilitate the cleaning process and prevent unnecessary residual spray mixture.